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About RaceCraft 1

RaceCraft 1 employs professional simulators of our own design to advance the skills of arguably the most highly accomplished athletes in any sport: Auto Racers. Our mission is to bring all those skills together into a practice that is affordable and accessible within the scale of the sport.

What we mean by affordable is simple: if a single test day in a late model racing is upwards of $4,000 and more, (dependent upon the level of the series you pursue), RaceCraft 1 can provide an experience of equal (or greater) value for a fraction of your current testing budget.

We have a professional training program that encompasses all the primary principles of auto racing. RaceCraft 1 can provide the track, weather, time of day or night, good and bad setup conditions. We then take that regimen and tailor it to the driver’s current skill and experience level, so that we might reinforce their Natural Talent with Best Practices that advance them forward to a Championship Level.

This is an ongoing process much like following a fitness regimen. By doing so, we make the RaceCraft 1 Advantage relevant, scalable, and reasonably part of any serious driver’s budget.


Ultimately, the RaceCraft 1 Program
Is not about our success
It’s about the Racer’s Success

  • RaceCraft 1 can place the crew chief or spotter with the driver to observe everything the driver does in real-time as it happens. When the driver or crew chief wants to highlight a lesson or adjust the car setup, training is paused for immediate discussion, and setup changes are made in the garage. Training then resumes, the driver applies that specific lesson, and the effects of the car changes are sensed right away.


  • RaceCraft 1 eliminates the typical delays of data and video download plus pit lane or garage wrenching. At RaceCraft 1, the feedback is immediate, the scenarios are repeatable, and the lessons are retained.


  • RaceCraft 1 is Cost-Effective and offers one of the best training ROI’s in the sport. Featuring invaluable seat time at a fraction of on-track cost, RaceCraft 1 benefits the series, the sponsor-partners and the teams because it benefits the drivers.