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Your Jr Late Model eSports Series race administrators recognize that many drivers, parents, and spotters are continually learning the ins and outs of iRacing . This highly informative video tutorial of iRacing Ins & Outs will answer many of your questions!


In this video, RaceCraft1 Chief Instructor Kelly Jones will address your questions on how to…

  • Update iRacing content quickly
  • Configure, set, and restore correct Audio, Video, and Display settings
  • Password protect your Spotter settings
  • Have a Spotterconnect with you for iRacing events. This includes how to Watch, Ghost, or Crew for a racer
  • Set up your iRacing radio channels for spotting and for Race Administration
  • Access and Review detailed Race Results and Stats, including all individual lap times of every race event participant
  • Save, name, and use iRacing Replays and Clips as valuable tools to review yourself and every event participant’s replay for driver learning and improvement
  • Save Race Telemetry and introduce professional Data Analysis tools that are very similar to AIM Race Studio
  • Strengthen the Racer’s Mindset: Keep cool and race cleanly under pressure.

Again, all drivers, parents, and spotters are highly encouraged and welcome to view this video


RaceCraft1 Instructor Kelly Jones

Fast Repair 2

Take a lap with Chris as he shows how to use the

"Fast Repair Feature"