Advanced Driver

So much more than a training regimen for new and developing drivers, the RaceCraft 1 Program is equally geared to serve the ultimate career needs of the advanced driver-athlete.

For the advanced driver, RaceCraft 1 employs leading-edge exercises that target task management, attention management, and driver focus. Custom tailored to match each driver's experience level as well as professional goals, our training program is designed to maximize performance margins and situational awareness. This makes it possible for the advanced driver to handle higher tasking levels while maintaining race pace under adverse or changing conditions.

Whether off-season or during those days in between race weekends, our goal is to afford you, the Advanced Driver, all the tools necessary to maintain that Competitive Edge while pursuing a Championship Season.

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Developing Driver

Knowing how to accurately communicate the on-track performance of your race vehicle during competition can make all the difference between celebrating a podium finish or heading straight back to the hauler for the long trip home.

Successful communication with your crew chief or race engineer is just one of the many tasks you can master with the aid of the RaceCraft 1 Training Advantage. And that advantage begins with gaining a head start.

The RaceCraft 1 Advantage can give you that all-important head start throughout your racing season with in-depth racing head-to-head against full grids of human and computer-generated opponents in changeable weather conditions, night or day. With RaceCraft 1 training you will learn far more than just the layout and the flow of each track; you will anticipate and exploit track characteristics and passing opportunities versus on-track opponents.

With hundreds of competitive laps available to drive according to YOUR schedule, we'll develop racing tactics and strategies to maximize your strengths plus target and eliminate your vulnerabilities. By the time you arrive for each race day, you will have a true sense of déjà vu.

That sense of déjà vu will boost your confidence, lower your stress level, and heighten your awareness, allowing you to drive faster, safer, and with enhanced performance margins, giving you the Competitive Edge.

RaceCraft 1 can design a training program developed around your needs and custom-tailored to your goals. Want to learn more about car setup and tuning to better communicate with your race engineer? We'll coach you one-on-one while you feel and comprehend the effects of car setup changes on vehicle handling and track performance.

As you complete each stage of your RaceCraft 1 Program, you will understand and effectively communicate what adjustments your car needs and the setup changes your engineer is making.

Want to improve your driving techniques with use of telemetry? Your RaceCraft 1 program includes expert instruction covering the same data logging telemetry as used in professional racing. This proven regimen can analyze your driving inputs and your car’s responses lap after lap, replay the video, and dig out the nuggets of speed to make you faster.

Want to master wet weather racing techniques? At RaceCraft 1 we'll place you in a full grid on a wet track competing in variable rain showers before your next wet race can take you by surprise. Your confidence can be high as you excel with wet weather racing techniques already polished through the RaceCraft 1 training program.

Need practice with shifting a sequential or a manual transmission? RaceCraft 1 training features authentic throttle, brake, and clutch pedal feel with all manner of shifting methods. We'll put you on the track with an authentic gearbox where you can practice rev-matching and smooth out your technique to become even faster.

With unhindered, everyday access to more than 300 circuits worldwide and 75 types of cars and racing karts, we can analyze your driving, any occurrence, its cause and remedy, and practice that situation over and over until your winning response becomes second nature.

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Karting Youth

The RaceCraft 1 Advantage can help you discover and learn all the necessary fundamentals for developing your driving skills in karts while advancing toward cars. Dedicated exercises zero in on specific elements such as finding the fastest racing line, consistently choosing reference points, overtaking, judgment, aggressiveness, and everything that goes into race offense and defense. Report to your next karting event with a deeper bag of tricks filled with RaceCraft 1 skills to win.

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Racing Team Owner

For the racing team owner: RaceCraft 1 can be one of the most valuable tools in your business arsenal, testing your driver-athletes with the challenges you want and need them to face.


RaceCraft 1 believes that we have one of the best ROI factors in the sport. The RaceCraft 1 ROI benefits the series, your sponsors, your partners, and your team because RaceCraft 1 training benefits your drivers and support crew.

Multiply Effective Track Time

RaceCraft 1 can expand the talents of your drivers, engineers, and crew chiefs by multiplying their effective track time. Your personnel can add hours and hours of productive practice at an absolute fraction of the cost of one day on track. RaceCraft 1 training reinforces the best methods of competition on a daily/monthly/seasonal basis, free of constraints due to season, climate, weather, track scheduling, testing restrictions, travel, and transportation logistics.

Freedom from Testing Restrictions

RaceCraft 1 lets your drivers and engineers train relentlessly in a structured program. Drivers and engineers interact, explore, and expand their limits and capabilities, free to employ new techniques and learn from mistakes without risk to personnel or equipment.

Kelly C JonesDriver – Engineer Communication

RaceCraft 1 can build cohesiveness and more efficient communications between your engineers and drivers. Part of RaceCraft 1's mission is to bring the entire team together; to close the gap between driver and support crew. RaceCraft 1 training can swap the engineer, the crew chief, and the spotter into the race car seat and pull the driver into the support crew role. The support crew get on-track in-cockpit experience of what their driver faces on each race weekend while the driver faces the challenge of translating feedback into car tuning and setup changes. Team cohesiveness, communication, and morale improve because personnel appreciate and better understand the vantage point and role of their fellow team members.

Driver Evaluation

RaceCraft 1 can evaluate your driver prospects for screening before you put resources toward an on-track test. RaceCraft 1 can measure performance against our standardized database or a benchmark of your choosing at significant cost savings in your efforts to select the best candidates for that racing seat.

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Driver Coach

RaceCraft 1 can work hand in hand with professional driver coaches to help you implement your specific training for your drivers. RaceCraft 1 resources extend your reach and availability to your drivers, freeing you from the limitations and challenges of scheduling a track and traveling there.

Your clients will appreciate the easy convenience of additional track time. We invite you to visit the RaceCraft 1 facilities and see how we can connect you with your drivers even through the off-season and winter months.

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Gentleman Racer

No matter the series or car club you belong to, RaceCraft 1 can prepare you for your next race on YOUR schedule because we understand time is at a premium.

With unhindered, everyday access to more than 300 circuits worldwide and 75 types of cars, RaceCraft 1 can create your training plan with targeted objectives to place you on-track and in-car representative of your next event. Following RaceCraft 1 training you can arrive Prepared, Confident, and Relaxed, ready to Drive.

RaceCraft 1 clients compete in the Daytona 24 Hours, 24 Hours of Spa, Blancpain Endurance Series, FIA GT3, Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, and other noteworthy venues using RaceCraft 1's attentive and detailed preparation.

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Trackday Enthusiast

Whether it's your first or one-hundredth trackday, RaceCraft 1 has you covered. Polish your technique while preparing for your next track day. Expand your on-track awareness while you sharpen your skills, especially through the off-season. Steering, throttle, braking, and vision exercises can have you progressing to the advanced run groups in record time. Get more enjoyment from your trackdays with RaceCraft 1 Accelerated Driver Development.

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